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It all started with a forest and a dream. In 1997, we cleared a few acres on the edge of the wilderness and started our organic farm outside Fairbanks, Alaska. With our USDA Organic Certification, we have grown every kind of vegetable and cut flower imaginable. After 20 years of farming vegetables, we added another crop, and were granted the 1st license from the State of Alaska to cultivate marijuana.

Vegetable and marijuana cornucopia
owners with very the first AK marijuana establishment license

Small footprint BIG CROP! 

We grow our flowers using the same organic farming practices that have been our high standard for over 20 years.  Starting from seed, our rigorous breeding program, ensures healthy genetics adapted to Alaska’s unique climate. By growing in natural sunlight, rainfall and in the open air, our carbon footprint is zero. Producing a single pound of cannabis indoors, releases more than 4,600 pounds of CO2 into the atmosphere. For cannabis grown at Rosie Creek Farm, our main energy is the effort it takes to walk down our rows and care for our plants.

farmer checking marijuana which is growing in rows in the sun
hand in marijuana plant
beautiful butterfly on a marijuana plant


farmer checking marijuana crop kneeling next to it
puppy with marijuana plant on farm
2 farmers harvesting marijuana plants in a wheelbarrow on the farm
hands holding shake from the marijuana crop
cornucopia with vegetables and marijuana plants
women farmers with truckload of squash varieties